We supply full color generic boxes and we also provide private labeling and custom packaging solutions. By this way, customers can have more choices on product packaging, and get more assists in introducing new products and promoting their own brands.

Private Label

Private label service provides you the opportunity to stick your own label, which contains your logo, company name, reorder number and contact information. This is the most convenient and economy way to promote your own identity.

Custom Packaging

Besides private label service, Aster Graphics also has the custom packaging service for our large-volume distributors, retailers and chain store customers. Our dedicated design team will be glad to help you create your own style packaging that maximizes your own brand image. Aster Graphics has very good relationship with the best packaging production companies, and it also has a professional QA team to watch the packaging quality. At Aster Graphics, we ensure you get the satisfied box design, as well as reliable packaging quality, to make you stand out in the crowd.