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Do you have any choices on the packaging? Can I have my own private label?

Yes. Please refer to our Private Label and Custom Packaging service. For the cost, order quantity requirement and more detailed information, please contact us.


How are Aster Graphics' cartridges tested?

Aster Graphics delivers cartridges that are produced according to the highest quality standards and reach or exceed OEM quality at highly competitive prices. Every process is strictly watched to ensure the best quality. Please read more about our Quality Control.


What is Aster Graphics' return rate?

Return rate of Monochrome toner cartridges < 0.5%

Return rate of Color toner cartridges < 0.8%


What is remanufacturing of printer cartridges?

It’s reusing and refilling ink and toner printer cartridges so they can be used again. Used cartridges are collected from consumers and businesses, and sorted by remanufacturers. The cartridges are disassembled and cleaned, and any necessary replacement parts are added. High-quality toner or ink is added, and the cartridges are tested and packaged for distribution. Toner (powder form) is used in laser printers, and liquid ink is for inkjet printers.

Remanufactured cartridges contain high-quality components, and give excellent printing results. Millions of companies around the world already rely on these quality products for their printing needs. They trust the quality and reliability of remanufactured cartridges for their day-to-day printing needs as well as for their most important projects.

Remanufactured and compatible cartridges provide consumers an alternative to the often high-priced original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges.


What is new build or compatible cartridge? And refill?

New build/Compatibles are made of a complete new plastic shell instead of using a used OEM core as with remanufactured cartridges. In Europe these cartridges are generally referred to as new build. In the US they are mostly called compatibles. In a new build/compatible toner cartridge, all the components, such as plastic shell, OPC, drums, blades, toner, and so on, are brand new.


What is refill cartridge?

Refill cartridges also use the original OEM cartridges but they only replace the toner and if necessary reprogram or replace the chip. Refilled cartridges are not taken apart or cleaned and important parts are not inspected nor replaced. The drum is always reused which cannot guarantee another lifecycle.


Will using remanufactured or compatible cartridges void my printers warranty?

Law prohibits the manufacturer of the printer you are using from voiding the warranty because you use a remanufactured or compatible cartridge. Printer manufacturers will almost always advise against this. The simple reason for this is that manufacturers would like you to buy their expensive replacement cartridges at a much higher price. Even with the protection of this law, you should also feel confident that cartridges made by Aster Graphics will meet or exceed your expectations.