Founded in March 2011, Aster Graphics is one of the world’s leading companies dedicated to the printer supplies manufacturing industry. Aster’s factory is set in Xinyu in the mid-west region of Jiangxi, China, and is located in a sprawling 360,000-square-meter industrial complex. The factory employs over 1,600 workers and exports over 1.5 million toner cartridges to the USA and Europe every month.


Our Research & Development center is comprised of more than forty veteran engineers who work diligently on the R&D of new products. At present, Aster Graphics has in excess of 1,400 models for use with 11 different OEM printer brands. The R&D center is equipped with many advanced testing devices and equipment that aid in the development of high-quality performing products. Critical standards and functions evaluated during the development stage include toner particle size and melt index, transfer efficiencies, electrical charge and discharge attributes, component size and surface area.


Aster Graphics designs and utilizes many proprietary tools and machines that add both efficiency to our production and consistency to our high-quality standards. This in-house development capability has been a large contributor to our capacity growth over the last several years.


The environmental testing center provides Aster with performance data under different simulated conditions. This includes the extreme conditions the products encounter in shipping transport, storage and the printing environment.

The purpose of the environmental testing center is to ensure the highest possible level of print quality performance and consistency in potentially rigorous real-life conditions. Continuous life testing is performed against OEM benchmarks, delivering an industry lowest defective rate.